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For almost a decade Overcast has been helping Sydney’s small-to-medium businesses achieve great things using IT. We started out in the southern suburbs not long after 2010, providing IT purchasing and deployment assistance to local companies. We built solutions that supported their day-to-day operations.

Over the years, our clients have grown and so have we. We’ve expanded our range of activities and today we do a lot more than simply supply companies with software, hardware and communications equipment. We provide advice to ensure clients get the most from their IT investment. When they need an extra hand, we’re there. For some, we manage their entire IT planning and delivery, from go to whoa.

We’ve even stepped outside the Shire and now service the entire Sydney metropolitan region.But our goal remains true to our original vision. We approach every engagement with the aim of helping our clients discover the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of well-functioning IT systems.

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